3rd party coating inspection

Durability and Value

3rd Party Coating inspection adds value and durability to Protective Coating projects for all involved parties, whether it is the client, asset owner, consulting engineer, coating contractor or taxpayer, by reducing expensive maintenance and rework costs.

A Coating Specification, when written, should be developed with an asset  design life in mind. The conformance and quality of every element of the blast and paint works needs to be achieved in order for the durability of the coating system and asset design life to be reached. Incospec Global Field Services’ coating inspectors will ensure this is achieved.


Our team of professional coating inspectors is one of the largest in Australasia. We have coating inspectors in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth who have the experience and qualifications to ensure compliance with the established project specifications. Adding value and protecting the owners’ investment by monitoring and thus maximising the service life and quality of the coating system. Incospec supports NACE CIP training and certification for all of our inspectors.

Testing capability

Incospec Global Field Services can assist with every element of your coating project, including but not limited to the following testing:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Profile Inspections
  • QA/QC System Auditing
  • Dry Film Thickness Testing
  • Continuity Testing
  • Cure Testing
  • Wet Film Thickness Testing
  • Concrete Cover Depth
  • Chloride Ingress
  • Surface Contamination Testing
  • Equipment Auditing
  • Environmental Readings
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Abrasive Media Testing
  • Hardness Testing

Specialist Survey Access Capabilities

As corrosion rarely occurs in easy-to-reach places, our teams will use the safest and most efficient methods available to assess the difficult areas in your plant.

Capability and Projects

Please see below for our capability statements

Commercial Heritage and Architectural Coatings

Incospec Global Field Services’ depth of expertise also extends into the area of commercial and architectural (decorative) coatings. Our project experience ranges from billion-dollar infrastructure projects such as the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, through to residential painting disputes between homeowners and housepainters, and restorations of significant landmarks.

Regardless of the size of your project, the same basic expectation of “getting what you paid for” should apply.

Incospec Global Field Services can provide the following services in this space:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Painting Specification development
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Dispute resolution

Servicing Groups

  • Property and Strata Management Groups
  • Residential and Commercial Building Owners
  • Contractors and Applicators
  • Architectural and Interior Architectural Firms
  • Government Bodies
  • Coating Suppliers

Please see below for a copy of our Architectural & Commercial Coatings Capability:

Further Information

To enquire about our specialised services in the area of Coating Inspections, please contact us.