Incospec Global Field Services have introduced drone inspections and photography for coating and condition assessment/survey projects. We specialise in aerial asset inspection and UAV services, utilising RPAs (Remotely Pilot Aircraft) to inspect assets in a safer, faster and more cost-efficient way. UAVs or ‘drone’ technology has moved very quickly over the last few years and is now becoming a commonplace technology for undertaking condition assessments, sampling, scanning and commercial photography.

In addition to Asset Management, Incospec Global Field Services is now capable of providing services in environmental monitoring, marine photography, terrain surveys and areas in agriculture, mining and construction. We are committed to offering the latest technology and have extended our capabilities with the addition of CASA-certified pilots and civil, electrical and mechanical engineers to provide the highest quality service and solutions. This technology is able to complement the ‘human’ component of surveys by allowing access to previously inaccessible areas of clients’ assets.

The benefits of using drones for certain projects include:

  • Reduced OH&S risks for staff
  • Faster setup times
  • Faster survey times
  • Reduced client costs for scaffolding/EWP/Rope access teams
  • Ability to continue work during poor weather conditions
  • Improved access and perspectives to assets
  • Significant increase in types of data that can be collected such as:
    • Thermal imaging
    • Volumetric calculationsipad-and-drone
    • Surface modelling/contouring
    • 3D modelling
    • Air/water/soil sampling

Drones can be used in a number of areas:


  • High-rise and bridge inspection
  • Post-construction and completeness surveys
  • Power pole/pylon condition assessments
  • Dam/reservoir condition assessment
  • An affordable and low-risk alternative
  • Pre-programmable for repetitive navigation
  • High-resolution RGB orthophotographic for asset inspection


  • High-resolution RGB orthophotographic for harvest assessment
  • NIR orthophotography for vegetation mapping
  • Vegetation health surveys
  • Crop scouting
  • Crop height index
  • Erosion management

Environmental monitoring:

  • River and stream monitoring
  • Thermal monitoring
  • Coastal erosion monitoring
  • Spill monitoring
  • Algae detection


  • DSM (Digital Surface Model)/contours for mine, quarry and stockpile volumetric calculations
  • Accurate, timed snapshots
  • Safer, faster and more cost-effective than manned surveys


  • Orthophotography and contours for design and earthwork calculations
  • 3D reconstruction of site

Further Information

Please contact us if you would like further information on Drone Services.